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At Bespoke Flooring London we offer a vast range of residential floor coverings to suit all budgets and needs, we have hundreds of flooring options ugg støvler børn from which to choose. Whether you need a tough hard wearing flooring to cope with muddy boots, pets and kids, or indeed that luxurious feel under foot, cosy enough to lay on! Where budgets are limited or just a cheap carpet for a student bedsit is all that is needed, we can supply and fit low cost carpet from one room to an entire halls of residence. We have a range pf hardwood flooring that is derived from many popular wood species, including good English oak and even exotic tropical hardwoods.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl sheet and Luxury Vinyl provide fantastic choices and themes including images of natural timber, stone, slate and marble with the additional bonus of being east to clean.

Vinyl flooring vs linoleum? Both vinyl and lino are extremely resilient flooring solutions sharing quite similar characteristics in looks and feel but the vital differences are in their production. Vinyl is made using petroleum (non renewable), whereas Lino is comprised largely of linseed oil, so for those seeking an eco, greener flooring, lino is made from natural substances that are extracted from flax seeds. Not only are they renewable but are mixed with a variety of other natural and renewable materials such as cork dust and wood floor.

Call us today on 0800 880 6061Carpet seems to be an endless range of construction but in reality it can be grouped into just three primary constructions. These are; loop pile, cut pile, and cut and loop pile.

For residential soft flooring any of types of carpet are perfectly suited for use in the home, however cut pile carpets are the most popular choice for residential carpeting.

A good example of loop pile carpets would be Berber.

Loop Pile Carpet for Residential Premises

In actual fact all carpets start as a loop pile but the loops are shaved during the manufacturing process giving that cut pile appearance.

Cut and loop, as the name implies are simply a combination of cut loops and uncut loops. This is to provide pattern and texture to the carpet. So if you want say a lounge carpet or bedroom carpet with an uneven surface or perhaps a heavier texture, cut and loop carpets may be your solution.

Cut Pile Carpet :

Cut pile carpets can be used in both residential and commercial carpet installations, although cut piles are fitted more extensively in residential premises.

To gain a better understanding of the different types of cut pile carpets, we have described them below, basically each style provides a different appearance.

Saxony: This is a cut pile carpet. It has two or more plies of twisted yarn. The finish of saxonies is such that they have leave footprints and ugg sko show vacuum cleaner sweeper marks. Some people like to leave ugg støvler københavn the appearance of a stripy mowed lawn. Basically the pile looks different because of the light reflection when pile direction is changed. There are also ‘carved saxonies’ with higher and lower cuts specifically to create patterns.

The pile may appear to be darker when brush one way but lighter when brushed in the opposite direction.

Plush:Often called velvet due to the velvet/ velour appearance. As with velvet there is still the change of hue when the carpet is brushed, a similar characteristic to Saxony.

Textured: Textured cut piles tend not to show as many footprints and sweeping marks as other cut pile constructions. In reality no cut pile carpet can be completely free of this shading.

Frieze Carpet:Pronounced ‘Free jay’. Although a similar texture to Saxony in that the uggs støvler footprints and sweep marks are still present, they are more disguised because the pile and twist is different and has a different reaction when pressure is applied.

Shag pile:Very popular in the 1970’s but the trend comes and goes.

So, whether you want a traditional Axminster, Wilton, Saxony, Plush, Textured, Freize, Shag or indeed any type of carpet, we at Bespoke Flooring London are more than happy to come to your premises, measure and discuss your needs, show you samples and provide a residential flooring quote to suit your needs and budget.