and how to wear them well

If you’ve ever worn a pair you’ll know they are the warmest, most comfortable shoe you’ll ever wear. They were invented for practicality not fashion first adopted by surfers in Australia, who’d slip into them after coming out of the sea so, really, we’ve no right to tar them with that brush. It’s not their fault Kate Moss and Sienna Miller made them a ‘thing’ in early 2000s and they felt they had to run with because what brand wouldn’t run with that kind ugg australia støvler of exposure? And that’s important to remember.

As is the fact that you’re not Victoria Beckham and you’re life isn’t a catwalk. It’s a 7.30am shuffle to the train station when you’d rather be in bed and Uggs offer a consolatory comfort that’s hard to come by in ugg støvler københavn the deep midwinter. So take it, own it and get over it. Just follow these rules first, and always spray them with suede protector first.

Oxymoronic outfit alert. If it’s warm ugg støvler enough for denim cut offs or a summery dress, ugg vinterstøvler it’s definitely too warm to be wearing Uggs. Yes, Sienna Miller did it in 2004, but we all make mistakes.